CD Case

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I wanted to commemorate my partner and I’s ten year anniversary by creating a special gift for him. I decided to create a custom music album encompassing the past decade, so we could listen to it together and reminisce.

I decided to create a trifold case with a corresponding lyrics booklet. I found a transparent plastic CD tray at a thrift store, and after that, all that was left was to design around it. After measuring and looking at several other music albums, I created a template. I printed everything on one sheet, and folded it down across the top edge to assemble the case. This had the following benefits: the case was sturdier, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the printer making any offset errors. 

My favorite part of the process was designing the label for the CD. When we first started dating, we used to write together, and I often drew illustrations to go along with the story. I knew I had to use these for the cover; it was the perfect way to tie past to present for us. I went deep into the archives and pulled every picture I’d ever drawn of our characters, and created a collage. The most sentimental drawing we have is also the first one I ever drew of them, so I created a new version of it and placed it front and center. The finished image became the background behind the tray. I designed the label strategically so whether or not the CD is in the case, the full image is visible.