Hi, I’m Nutmeg! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in graphic design and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching at Mary Baldwin University, located in Staunton, Virginia.​

I am a recipient of the Eric Matthew Brown Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design (2015).

I have been designing for nine years. In that time, I’ve developed my skillset and taken on a variety of projects, ranging from temporary signage to entire exhibits. I established a graphic design business in 2016, freelancing under the pseudonym Nutmeg Nautilus. I primarily design signage, exhibits, and promotional materials for clients such as Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Newtown Commercial Association, and Mary Baldwin University. I also draw and post illustrations under the pseudonym in my spare time.

I’m not looking for freelance work currently, but I do take art commissions and projects occasionally. Feel free to contact me at Nutmegnautilus@gmail.com, or via my social media links below!